2018 Camp

Mick Nicholls has trained throughout the world under some of the worlds best.
He is a Kyoshi in Karate, Advanced Instructor Israeli Tactical Krav Maga, Kru in Muay Thai, Guro in Kali/Panantuken, Sifu in Gung Fu Bruce Lee’s Jeet Kune Do and an Advanced Instructor in Natural Spirits Combative Arts.
In addition to these hand to hand systems he is also a renowned Knife Concepts Instructor.

Training Covered:
Urban Combat Concepts, such as, street defensive structures, street boxing, street clinch (vertical Grappling), unarmed against a blade and impact weapons against a blade as well as gun defence, bolo, single and double stick, stick, stick and dagger to empty hand concepts. Also covered, double knife, blade concepts drills, high low concepts and tomahawk.
Accommodation and Meals Included

Drills with partners will equip you with skills to defend yourself against unarmed and armed attackers. Simulated attacks with Guns, Knives, Machetes and other weapons will allow you to practice defending against different weapon types and different scenarios.


Saturday October 26th – Sunday October 27th

Camp begins at 9AM on the Saturday and concludes 3PM Sunday.


Camp Manyung – Sunnyside Rd, Melbourne Victoria 3930


1 Day: $160

2 Days: $260

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